23 years of exchange visits

Published at 11:07 pm Thu, 29th o Dec 2016

Akashi High School Visit

We welcomed a group of 15 Akashi students and three escorting teachers this year.  They arrived on Sunday 31st July at Perth Airport and we had the privilege of a visit by Mr Onishi, Director of Hyogo Prefectural Government Cultural Centre who gave a talk to them upon their arrival at the welcome ceremony.


The Akashi students enjoyed various activities both in and out of school.  The highlight of the excursion was the  Kalbarri trip from 4th August to 7th August.  Our school’s excellent driver and acting Deputy Principal, Mr Shortland, drove the bus all the way to Kalbarri and back to school and Mr Tom Brownlie and myself accompanied the group.

Akashi students enjoyed our wonderful WA outback scenery through canoeing, hiking the Gorges, driving rough road while singing Indiana Jones theme songs, walking the coast and even spotting kangaroos and whales.  After canoeing, students were rewarded with a second breakfast by the river.


The 23rd Exchange Program was a tremendous success and all who were involved had a wonderful time.

I have heard from one of the staff that Akashi students were saying they wanted to go back to Morley after they boarded the plane.

I would like to thank the wonderful host students and families, Mrs Fortune (Principal) and all Morley staff who were involved.  Finally, the lovely Akashi students and their excellent leader deserve our sincere thanks and commendation.

Our special thanks to Mr Nagai, Principal of Akashi High School, Mr Fujimoto, Deputy Principal, and Mr and Mrs Sakurai for their support and commitment to our Exchange Program, now in its 23rd year.

Ms Yuko Urban - Teacher of Japanese