Published at 10:21 pm Fri, 23rd o Dec 2016

Multi Media Program Students visit Channel 9



The Year 9MMP and Year 10MMP specialist program classes were lucky enough to be invited on a tour of Channel 9’s News and broadcast facilities. The classes each visited on a separate day with the excursion beginning with the wonderfully enthusiastic Chaplin Samuel Oey welcoming students aboard the school bus. A short drive later and the students were being welcomed into the Channel 9 studios by Tracy Vo, News reporter and presenter.

Tracy began the tour by introducing the students to the visual design team, where Josh answered a number of questions about the hectic life behind the scenes at Channel 9. His team creates and designs graphics, animations and photographic manipulations for the News each night.

The next area of the tour was the “Makeup” room, which is lined with mirrors and lights. Alba, the head makeup artist, educated the group of the “ins and outs” of makeup design and the hours the on-camera stars spend before going on screen. Year 10, John Ho, was quick to volunteer and had his face made up. Alba showed the students that the foundation layer used for Television is a lot thicker than would normally be used for a Friday night out, in order to keep an even tone and reduce glare from the harsh lights in the studio.

Next the group moved to the News room, where many producers, journalists, editors and presenters worked away at their desks. The first desk we arrived at belonged to Michael Thomson, head sports journalist at Channel 9. Michael went through his “unfortunate job” (sarcastic tone), where he is forced to travel around Australia to sporting events and interview sporting superstars. He explained it’s a fantastic job and a realistic profession for anyone who loves sport.

Chief of staff, Ryan, explained his job was to listen to police scanners and fire radios, view Facebook feeds and anywhere else a story may pop up from. When Ryan found a story he would then pass it on to the producers. The producers, who sat a little way across the room, would then send out reporters to investigate. Adam described his job as being like the teacher of the News room; setting assignments, marking features and writing reports. The producers decide who goes where and what perspective the story will take, in relation to News ethics.

After quickly floating past the editing suites and through the control room, Mr. Brady’s groups met Joe in the sound studio. Joe explained his role as a sound technician, and how he is in charge of audio levels for live News broadcasts. The studio also has a recording booth, where Joe is able to record voice-overs and for radio broadcasting. Zack, one of Mr. Brady’s students, was lucky enough to be chosen to read a short script in the sound booth. Once recorded, Joe was able to add voice effects to slow and speed up Zack’s voice, which could only be described as very humorous.


Finally Tracy Vo led the group through to the main Television studio. This is where all the news, sports and weather are broadcast “live”, twice a day.  Students took it in turns reading from a studio teleprompter in front of three cameras, either at the news desk or acting as a weather presenter.

Tracy finished off by answering questions about working as a presenter and shared some stories of her experiences over the years. She was impressed by the quality and level of the Morley students questions and the background knowledge they have, from being able to use the studio at Morley SHS. Tracy began her career in the Curtin radio studio before traveling to Sydney for nine years working as a producer and reporter. Tracy urged that any students who really wanted to make it as a journalist could achieve their goals with hard work and perseverance.


On the day the Year 9 Multi Media students visited they were fortunate enough to catch up with ex Morley SHS student Glenn Clarke. Glenn is a camera operator with over ten years’ experience at Channel 9. He was about to fly off to an assignment in the Channel 9 helicopter and invited the group for a closer inspection.  Glenn and the pilot explained their roles and safety procedures, especially when camera operators are strapped in but hanging out the door to video footage. After an interesting question session the students watched as they fired up the chopper and took off towards Fremantle.

The groups received Channel 9 merchandise bags to remember the visit. All Year 9 and 10 MMP can now approach their TV studio assignments with the experience of seeing Channel 9’s studio, the variety of jobs and also thinking of it as a possible career.

Mr Andrew Brady - Media Teacher