Morley SHS student wins Premier's Aviation Award

Published at 04:26 am Sun, 13th o Mar 2016

 Dakota Colborne Wins Premier's Aviation Award

Congratulations to Dakota Colborne of Year 11 who won the Minister’s Aviation Award of $3000.00.  The object of the scholarship is to promote aviation in West Australian schools and is to be used by the winner for flying training lessons.  The award is always hotly contested with most schools, selecting one student from their Year 11 Aviation class as a candidate.

This Year, on the 18th November, Dakota convinced the award interview panel (seen in photograph) comprising Mr John Douglas, CASA Flying Examiner and CFI, Mr Paul Alexander, VAA Check and Training Officer and Ms Amy Richards, RACWA Instructor, that he was the most worthy candidate.

The award will be presented to him by the Minister of Education early in 2016.  Dakota completed his first solo flight through the Air Force cadets in July 2015 and hopes to use the scholarship to achieve his recreational licence in 2016.

Thorough preparation for the interview and commitment to his aviation goals from Year 7, assisted Dakota to win this prestigious award.

Ms Brigid Tait

- Aviation Teacher