Morley Senior High School is a leader in Western Australia in the field of Vocational Education and Training in schools and a  Registered Training Provider in its own right!


Vocational Education and Training at Morley Senior High School

 Morley Senior High School delivers nationally accredited courses during regular school hours either over a period of one or two years and all Certificates are independent, “stand alone” programs. Morley SHS is a Registered Training Organisation in its own right and is scoped to deliver full national qualifications in the business, automotive and the creative industries (radio, T.V. and the multimedia) . Morley SHS further augments its VET offerings through strategic partnerships with other registered training providers such as the Central Institute of Technology and VETiS Consulting Services in construction, engineering, furnishing, resources and infrastructure , visual arts and the sports industries. At Morley SHS students may commence some nationally accredited courses as early as year ten whilst the majority of the programs are delivered during years eleven and twelve. Qualifications achieved through these programs are quality assured by the Australian Skills Quality Authority and are transferable and recognised anywhere in Australia. Additionally all senior school students at Morley SHS have the opportunity to complete forty nationally accredited employability skills at work in a nominated industry through the Workplace Learning program.

 The Morley Vocational Education and Training opportunities are as follows: 

        CERTIFICATE  I  in Automotive Vocational Preparation                                   AUR10112**
        CERTIFICATE  I  in Business                                                                              BSB10107**
        CERTIFICATE  I  in Creative Industries                                                             CUF10107**
        CERTIFICATE  I  in Furnishing                                                                           LMF10108
        CERTIFICATE  I  in Resources and Infrastructure                                             RII10109
        CERTIFICATE  I  in Sport and Recreation                                                          SIS10110
        CERTIFICATE II  in Automotive Servicing Technology                                     AUR20112**
        CERTIFICATE II in Business                                                                              BSB20107**
        CERTIFICATE II  in Construction                                                                       CPC20108
        CERTIFICATE II  in Engineering   (Metals)                                                       MEM20105 
        CERTIFICATE II in Creative Industries - Media                                                CUF20107**
        CERTIFICATE II in Sport  - Coaching                                                                SRS20510
        CERTIFICATE II in Sport  and Recreation                                                         SRS20310
        CERTIFICATE II in Sampling and Measurement                                               PML20109
        CERTIFICATE III in Media (Multimedia)                                                           CUF 30107**
        CERTIFICATE III in Visual Arts                                                                          CUV30111
** These programs are both delivered and accredited through the RTO arm of Morley Senior High School (RTO Code: 50638). 

Workplace Learning 

Workplace learning is a fully assessed Schools Curriculum and Standards Authority endorsed course which involves a highly structured learning experience for participating students. As such it provides students in years 11 and 12 the opportunity to demonstrate up to 40 nationally recognized employability skills relevant to entry level training in the workplace over a period of up to eight weeks of placement. This endorsed course is assessed in the workplace and contributes up to four units towards secondary graduation. Placements are usually available in most industry areas nominated by the studentWorkplace Learning.                           


The Trade Training Centre - Automotive Pre-apprenticeship
Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology
The Morley Automotive Pre-Apprenticeship program is a flexible learning program designed for students who want to gain direct entry into the world of work or training while still working towards their secondary graduation. The program is suitable for students who have a passion and a commitment to the automotive industry and would like a  quicker and more meaningful transition into either work or training.
The Benefits
Students undertaking a Certificate II in Automotive  Servicing Technology will have the opportunity of making a successful transition into full time automotive apprenticeships, other traineeships, further TAFE training or full time employment. All students who successfully complete this national qualification will have their indentured period of an automotive apprenticeship reduced by 6 months.
The program involves 3 days a week at school and 1 day of training and  1 day in the workplace. 
The School Based Program
The school program provides a good general education for students. It involves the study of the following four courses over 3 days:
·         English
·         Mathematics
·         Careers and Enterprise
·         Materials – Wood ( Yr 11 only )
·         Materials – Metals ( Year 12 only )
The above program contributes significantly to the student achieving secondary graduation (the Western Australian Certificate of Education) if they pass their courses and remain at school until the end of Year 12.
The ‘Out of School’ Program
The additional two days of this program are made up of :
o   Automotive training in the Trade Training Centre ( 1 day)
           – Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Tedchnology
o   Workplace Learning in the automotive field          ( 1 day)
Should you require additional information please contact Harry Pasich (Program Co-ordinator) at Morley Senior High School on (+61 8) 9376 5555 or e-mail  .