Morley Senior High School is one of four State Schools in the metropolitan area that offer Aviation to their students.

In Year 7 the study of aviation replaces the courses other students study in the Technology and Enterprise learning area. Aptitude testing is held in July of every year for interested students in Year 6.  Students are ranked from the results of these tests, with the highest scoring students receiving first offer of an interview to gain a place in the course.  Students who do not sit the test will only be considered if places remain after this selection process is completed.

Students accepted into the program at Year 7 level are expected to continue the study of Aviation in Years 8,  9 and 10.


Senior students - Years 11 and 12 Aviation Studies.
Continuation in Years 11 and 12 with  Aviation Studies improves students’ opportunities upon graduating from high school,  for further study in this industry. 


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