Broadcasting / Multimedia

Specialist Multi Media and Television Broadcasting Program

Year 7 & 8       
4 Hours / week

This program offers students the opportunity to link traditional Arts skills into the modern contexts of Broadcasting (Television) and Multi Media. Students will be immersed in environments that will fast-track their knowledge, skills and understandings in the areas of Drawing, Digital Photography, Multi Media Design and Television Production. Students will utilise Morley Senior High School’s custom designed facilities.

In undertaking this program, students will be given the opportunity to demonstrate The Arts as well as Technology and Enterprise outcomes. It is anticipated that students in this course will receive 4 hours per week of specialised tuition in Multi Media and Broadcasting (Television).

Course content

1. Drawing for Design - basic
2. Digital Photography - Introduction
3. Multimedia Design.
4. Audio editing 
5. Television – An Introduction
6. The Role of Media in Society

Year 9 – Broadcast Advertising (Broadcasting emphasis)

Morley Senior High School students have the unique opportunity of participating in the school’s newly developed specialist Multi Media and Broadcasting (Television) program.

The Year 9 subject will be conducted within the context of advertising with an emphasis on television and video production. Students will research, analyse, reflect and produce advertising in a variety of mass media such as print, radio, television and computer-based media. 

Course content
1. Drawing for Design – 3D
2. Digital Photography (for Multi Media and Print)
3. Multi Media and Mass Print – Product development
4. Audio Visual Production
5. The Emergence of ‘The Media’

YEAR 10- Infotainment (Multimedia Emphasis)

The Year 10 subject will be conducted within the context of infotainment with an emphasis in Multi Media production. Students will research, analyse reflect and produce infotainment products in a variety of media forms.

Course content

1. Drawing using various media.
2. Digital Photography (for Web and Multi Media)
3. Multi Media design and production.
4. Audio recording and editing
5. Television Studio Production
6. Copy Right and Plagiarism
7. Media Consumption