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The Morley Senior High School community is pleased to welcome you to our school. Together we will work to achieve your child’s full potential and make his/her educational experience a happy and rewarding one.

The office is open from 8.00am until 4.00pm, Monday to Friday. 

Contact  by  Phone: (08) 9376 5555, Fax: 9375 1246.

As first contact with the School is made through the School Officers, the public can be  assured of a courteous and welcoming approach from everyone on staff. Staff are only too happy to assist with all enquiries and will do their best  to address any questions that may arise.

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Address:        Bramwell Rd, Noranda WA 6062

Telephone:     +61 8 9376 5555
Facsimile:      +61 8 9375 1246