Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent - Teacher - Interviews

Welcome to the schools online booking system (SOBS) for our upcoming  Open Reporting day on the 28th June 2017.


We have scheduled a Parent/Teacher interview afternoon to allow you to consult with the teachers of your son/daughter.  This has been arranged for Wednesday 28th June 2017.   On this day, from 12.30pm until 7.00pm  as many teachers as possible will be available for interview by appointment.  Interviews will be conducted at the school and are of eight (8) minutes duration.

To co-ordinate the interviews we have employed an online booking system to assist parents in securing their preferred interview times. The procedure is as follows:

·         If you wish to see any of your child’s teachers, you need to secure an appointment time using this system.  If you do not have access to the internet your local library may be able to help, or alternatively you can call the school office.

·         The booking system will only be accessible from Friday 23rd June 2017 6.00pm  through to 12.00pm Wednesday 28th June.   No interview requests will be accepted outside of these times.

Teachers may request an interview with you if they feel there is a matter of importance which should be discussed.  Please refer to your child’s Semester 1 report where a parent interview may have been requested. 

We encourage your child to accompany you to the interview as this often assists the discussion and clarification of outcomes.




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